How it works

Our Partners never touch inventory!
You sell counter and we ship directly to your client!
Order directly from our Partner portal
Simple Pricing allows you to leverage your own pricing structure to make deals happen!
Simple Support – Portal based support with one click replacement order
Installation Costs are no longer a barrier with easy installation

Step 1

You (Partner) sell traffic counter to client

Step 2

We send traffic counter to your client

Step 3

Client Installs Traffic Counter
Counter Sends Data To Scraffic Cloud

Step 4

Partner pulls data from cloud and present to client in your platform

Adding Traffic to your offerings is easy

  • Pricing

    We offer a pricing plan that is unbeatable, and allows you to simply leverage Scraffic as your tool to add value and close deals.

    Easily add margin to every deal, while gaining a competitive advantage, by offering what others don’t.

  • Easy Install

    On the ceiling above the front door. Ceiling heights eight to eighteen feet.

    Two anchors and two screws is all that takes. We provide a template for spacing the anchors. Screw it in and plug in your power source (adapter included).

  • Seamless Support

    Portal Based Support allows you to provide Tier 1 Support. There is no tier 2. If Tier one fails, simply finish the online support form in portal and we ship a new unit out.

  • Data Integration

    Our open API is so simple, the first partner integration was finished in less than two weeks.