Add Traffic Counting To Your Offerings

Traffic made simple

For starters, traffic counting isn’t terribly complex. At Scraffic, we understand retailers need to be equipped with easy to implement and easy to understand solutions. Our traffic counting units are designed so that any size business can easily install & set up in minutes. We then made integration simple so that any retail platform provider can present our data easily within their own solutions.

Valuable Insights

Add traffic to the platform data you are offering. Can you present conversion data now? What other valuable insights could you provide if you also provided your client with their foot traffic data?

Sales Tool

Equip your sales team with the next tool in their arsenal. Traffic data, presented in your solution, combined with the expertise of the data you are already providing, is the next big thing. Crush competition while adding direct margin to every deal.

Powerful Data

Ever evolving customer shopping behavior in-stores requires that retailers have access to reliable traffic counts, allowing them to evolve and react to customer needs.Scraffic traffic counting solution provides retailers with a straightforward, easy to use platform to access their in-store traffic data. View your traffic counts from anywhere, at any time, to instantly empower your team with insights to manage:

o Benchmark conversion and traffic trends to drive sales forward
o Advertising and promotional campaign effectiveness
o More efficient schedules to maximize profitability
o Team sales performance
o Staff training effectiveness
o Set more efficient store hours
o Understanding the impact of weather
o Understanding the impact of holidays

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  • No hardware cost
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